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Premier Electrical Contractor Services for Anaheim & Orange County

At Mako Electric, our Anaheim electrical contractor offers high-quality electrical services for a wide range of problems. Our electricians specialize in commercial, and industrial electrical work and have extensive skills in handling new construction projects. Our company offers free estimates to help our potential clients know what is involved in the work they require. Our low-price services are always accompanied with high-quality work that produces customer satisfaction.

Contact our Anaheim electrical company today if you are in need of the following types of electrical services:

  • Data Centers: Data centers will need proper maintenance and repair. From equipment failures to inefficiencies, there are many downfalls to having your data center break down. Regular service has many benefits and should be pursued to limit the risk of downtime and increase energy efficiency.
  • Electrical Upgrades: At Mako Electric, we provide electrical upgrade services. In order to increase electrical loads, you will need to upgrade your electrical wiring with the effective services that we offer. Upgrades can be accomplished with new wiring or rewiring.
  • Lighting Retrofit: Lighting retrofits improve lighting quality. Newer technology has produced better quality lighting, such as improved color, reduced flicker, and greater light output. In addition, lighting retrofits can reduce maintenance and labor costs.
  • Machinery Electrical Work: Our company can provide you with electrical machine services for your entire project, from electrical design to installation. Our mechanical and electrical engineers have a strong reputation and work with the client to build reliable machine systems. We also provide machine installation and relocation services.
  • Public Works: Mako Electric provides high-quality electrical services, including installations, repairs, and upgrades for all types of public works projects. We work on local, state and federal buildings and other types of municipal facilities to accommodate all electrical needs.
  • Service Upgrades: Does your home need an electrical service upgrade? We can handle each of the complex steps. Many older electrical systems were not designed to handle the electrical needs of today. Electrical service upgrades for older homes and properties are necessary to ensure the safety of residents. Additionally, we handle code updates and corrections.
  • Tenant Improvement: We can help with tenant improvements in commercial work. We assist with electrical and lighting that can benefit your company. Our tenant improvement services include a wide range of options, including panel upgrades, new construction wiring, and electrical system inspections.
  • Wire Installation Services: When it comes to wire installation, you want to ensure that the electrician who performs the work offers high-quality services to avoid inconvenient problems in the future. Our company has excellent experience working on new construction projects performing wire installations. Our licensed electrician can ensure that your home or company is properly wired.

Additional Services Offered at Mako Electric

Our company also has extensive experience handling the following types of electrical work:

  • Meter and panel relocation
  • Dedicated circuits
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Fuses and breakers
  • Florescent ballast changes

In addition to the services discussed above, our Anaheim commercial electricians also offer the following for your convenience:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Outlets and switches
  • Maintenance
  • Fans
  • Design build
  • Ballast changes
  • Panel installations and upgrades
  • Energy-saving lighting solutions and exterior lighting
  • Emergency services
  • Remodel wiring and repair
  • Hi-tech troubleshooting
  • Specialty receptacles
  • Generator installation and maintenance
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Surge protection

We offer services throughout Anaheim and Orange County - get started by clicking here to request your free estimate!