Ballast Changes in Anaheim

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Ballasts are devices that restrict the current of electricity to devices receiving a charge. This makes sure that lights and other devices operate on a safe voltage. The most common ballast in commercial buildings are usually associated with fluorescent lighting, where the bulbs are sensitive to fluctuations in current.

At Mako Electric, we know how critical ballasts can be to the integrity and safety of your home or office. For over two decades, we've been repairing and replacing an array of ballasts to ensure our clients get the electrical service they need, exactly when they need it.

If ballasts have failed at your home or office and you need licensed hands to replace them, contact our Anaheim electrical contractor today!

What type of ballast do I have?

A ballast can vary depend on depending on the electrical system and the kind of device or bulb. Here at Mako Electric, our electricians have experience tackling an array of these systems, safely removing the failed device and replacing it with the appropriate type and model.

Types of ballasts in Anaheim homes and commercial buildings can include:

  • Programmed start florescent ballasts
  • Fluorescent "instant start" ballasts
  • Rapid start ballasts for fluorescent lighting
  • Magnetic ballasts
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Digital ballasts
  • High frequency electronic ballasts
  • Hybrid ballasts (magnetic and electronic)

It's important to note that ballasts can be in contact with dangerous amounts of electricity and should not be replaced or tampered with by employees or residents. Call a seasoned Anaheim electrical professional at Mako Electric to assist you.

Ensuring Your Electrical System's Safety

Failed ballasts are not only an inconvenience, they pose a safety threat. That's why Mako Electric is proud to offer 7-day availability for our replacement services, including emergency Sunday appointments. It's just one more way we like to show our clients throughout they're in the very best hands.

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