Anaheim Design-Build Electrical Contractor

Offering Comprehensive and Customized Work

Construction projects can be lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming. Knowing that all your electrical work is still waiting at the end of it can be even more overwhelming. That's why more and more construction clients have been turning to design-build electrical work. In design-build electrical jobs, the electricians are part of the construction project, contributing to the design stage and working in tandem with the builders.

At Mako Electric, we're proud to offer design-build services to our clients. Our 20+ years of experience means our Anaheim electricians have the knowledge and insight to work with and alongside builders, contributing solutions, shortening project schedules, and executing high-quality, electrical work for commercial projects.

Advantages to the Design-Build Approach

There are many advantages to choosing a design-build approach for your next construction project. Some of them can prevent future issues, others can ensure the best quality of work possible.

Overall, the advantages to design-build approaches can include:

  • Enhanced foresight into any discrepancies between design and electrical functionality
  • Better control over project schedule
  • Greater transparency and accountability to all contractors
  • More time to identify opportunities for custom work (or avoid it)
  • More accurate budgeting for clients
  • More comprehensive "vision" of your project, even at the conceptual stage

Contact a Dedicated Anaheim Electrical Contractor Today!

For over two decades, our electricians at Mako Electric have been designing electrical systems for commercial projects throughout Anaheim. With the design-build approach, we can offer that same level of service at the earliest stages of your project, contributing to your designs, collaborating with your building contractors and designers, and producing efficient, safe, and unparalleled work.

If you are considering a construction project you know will need top-of-the-line electrical design, contact Mako Electric to speak with a skilled Anaheim electrical contractor.