LED Retrofits in Anaheim

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When we retrofit your home with LED lights, our goal is to replace existing lights with elevated technology in order to increase the energy efficiency and the quality of light in the home or building. It can also help make sure that lights and other devices operate on a safe voltage. The most common LED retrofit is LED tubes, which involves removing any existing fluorescent tubes and replacing them with LED tubes. This option is popular because it allows you to reuse existing lighting features.

At Mako Electric, we know how critical LED retrofits can be when it comes to increasing efficiency and can even increase property value. As an additional benefit, LED lights use an average of 50% less energy than other forms of lighting. For over two decades, we've been optimizing the lighting in buiildings and providing our community with unparalleled eletrical service experiences. Our community has come to rely on us for a high standard of service, and that is exactly what we continue to provide.

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What Type of LED Retrofit Do I Need?

4 Types of LED Retrofit

When you are choosing your LED retrofit, there are four main choices: Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type A+B. Here at Mako Electric, our electricians have experience tackling an array of these systems, safely removing the failed device and replacing it with the appropriate type and model. It is necessary to have a full understanding of the different types of LED retrofits in order to choose the best option for you and your needs, and we are happy to help with that decision. The types of LED retrofits we can install and repair in Anaheim homes and commercial buildings include:

  • Type A

A UL Type A tube is designed with an internal driver that allows the tube to operate directly from a linear fluorescent ballast. A Type A tube is designed to work with T12, T8, and T5 ballasts. The difference between these shapes is simply in their wattage, shape, and diameter. The "T" in T5 says that the bulb is tubular shaped, while the "5" indicates that it is five eigths of an inch in diameter. The other sizes, T8 and T12, are larger, but T12 is an older, less efficient method.

  • Type B

A UL Type B tube is similar to a Type A tube in the sense that it operates with an internal driver. What sets it apart is the fact that a Type B tube is powered directly from the main voltage supplied to the existing LFL fixture, which requires a skilled electrician to make sure that the in-line fuse sockets are installed perfectly. Type B tends to be more efficient than Type A and does not involve power loss. It is of the upmost importance to adhere to proper installation protocol when it comes to these fixtures in order to make the process as safe as possible. Doing so will prevent a potentially hazardous exposure to the main voltage.

  • Type C

A UL Type C operates with a remote driver to power the LED linear tube insted of an integrated driver. It is similar to a UL Type B in the sense that it involves electrical modification to the existing furniture, but the low-voltage outputs are connected to sockets rather than line voltage. When we perform this kind of installation, it is necessary to remove any existing tubes and ballasts and replace existing sockets if necessary. All of this needs to be done with precision, which you can count on our team to provide. With this type of system, our clients can rest assured that they will experience excellent system efficacy, optimal system compatibility, and top-notch performance.

It's important to note that LED retrofits can be in contact with dangerous amounts of electricity and should not be replaced or tampered with by employees or residents. Call a seasoned Anaheim electrical professional at Mako Electric to assist you.

Ensuring Your Electrical System's Safety

Failed LED retrofits are not only an inconvenience, they pose a safety threat. That's why Mako Electric is proud to offer 7-day availability for our replacement services, including emergency Sunday appointments. It's just one more way we like to show our clients throughout they're in the very best hands.

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