Anaheim Service Upgrades

Electricians with 20+ Years of Experience in the Business

When time, weather, and wear have contributed to the deterioration of conductors and other electrical parts, you may require the assistance of our electrical contractor in Anaheim. With a service upgrade, the amount of electricity that is available in your home or commercial property is improved. Upgrades also give you the opportunity to add more circuits for an add-on room or new appliance. If you would like assistance obtaining a service upgrade for your electrical needs, we encourage you to call Mako Electric at once.

What does a service upgrade include?

Electrical system service upgrades can include:

  • Removal of existing electrical service equipment
  • Furnishing and installing new electrical equipment
  • Grounding and bonding according to code
  • Labeling breakers in your new electrical panel
  • Upgrading overhead conductors from the utility pole

When you receive your new electrical panel, you will have many breaker positions with additional room for expansion. Our company encourages you to learn as much as possible about the service upgrade to know what to expect and understand your options. Our Anaheim electricians can answer all of your questions and even provide clients with a free estimate.

Individuals need electrical service upgrades for many reasons. Water damage and age are two common reasons for an electrical service upgrade. In other cases, improperly installed service heads, eye plates, or fork bolts can contribute to the water damage of your electrical system.

Other reasons for an electrical service upgrade include:

  • Adding an A/C unit
  • Adding a double oven, hot tub, spa, or other large appliance
  • Kitchen remodel
  • New home addition
  • Code updates and corrections

Obtain the assistance you need to have your service upgraded by contacting us at your earliest convenience. With more than 20 years of experience, our company has the ability to accomplish your upgrade on time and to your satisfaction, so call our Anaheim electrical contractor today for a free estimate!